HELLMUTH vs NEGREANU | Can HELLMUTH get PAID? in the High Stakes Duel

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This hand between Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth was a great one to analyze due to the amount of interesting decision points from both players. I decided to get out the PIO solver for this one and use some node locking on Hellmuth’s strategy to see what differences that would make to how Negreanu should approach the hand.

When Hellmuth’s hand turns into a very strong made hand by the river can he find a way to get paid?

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HELLMUTH vs NEGREANU | Can HELLMUTH get PAID? in the High Stakes Duel

10 thoughts on “HELLMUTH vs NEGREANU | Can HELLMUTH get PAID? in the High Stakes Duel

  1. Helmuth call a raise only with ak or kk and raise aa this this not the true Helmuth

  2. Bet 6k. I dont like the heart and that Phil has stuck around – but he could have the Q and my K is good.

  3. Great video. One thing I like to tell you.
    In coaching notes please don't use red color. It is difficult to read

  4. Since you didn't give the flush draw good odds to call on the turn, I would assume he has something like middle pair. In that scenario I'd check and let him take a stab at it, or possible bet small and hope to entice a pair of queens or tens to call.

  5. I’m betting. Probably small-mid bet to find out where I’m at. But against Phil, probably Check it down and see what he does. If he bets, I fold.

  6. 1/3 bet on the river, easy to get away from if reraised. Thin value due to flush and straight possibilities even in heads up. Please feed me and stop tapping the glass.

  7. Lol I am garbage. I thought the answer was D, to make Phil think he has the nuts…

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