10 thoughts on “High Stakes Poker Strategy I Nanonoko I $5/$10 ZOOM on PokerStars Part 1

  1. Hi Randy, hope this question isn't too silly but what is the reasoning behind betting half pot on flop while most of your turn bets are at least 3/4 pot? I figure since pot odds for "chasing" decline drastically after the turn, you can still stick with 1/2 pot? Thanks!

  2. Ey nano, could you consider the idea of doing a nl2 6max video? I would like to see you playing against totally impredictable aggro players, just to learn from your thought process

  3. Could you run me through your thought process for pre-flop folding a KT off suit under the gun?

  4. Good stuff I like the zoom because you don't have to wait around.If you want to see the hand play out when you have folded why play zoom?

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