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Bluff Squeezes focuses on the art of using the squeeze play as a bluff (or “light squeezing”). Makes sense.

If you’ve watched a handful of “session replay” training videos you’ve almost certainly seen a few bluff squeezes thrown around effortlessly in various preflop spots. But how do you know if you’re in a good spot to pull it off exactly? When is it +EV to go for it?

SplitSuit shows you how by answering important questions like:
• When should you bluff squeeze?
• Who should you bluff squeeze?
• How important is position when using the squeeze play as a bluff?
• How much should you raise when bluff squeezing?
• How do you play postflop if called?

…and a lot more questions related to the tricky bluff squeeze. No stone is left unturned here — not even the ones that look like they probably have an army of fire ants raging underneath.

This training video is an impressively thorough guide to the strategy behind a good bluff squeeze. If you’re completely new to the squeeze play, or if you’ve heard of it and want to find out how to use it more effectively, you’re in for a treat. Just as Split’s isolating video is an all-in-one guide to isolating players preflop, this is the all-in-one guide to using the squeeze as a bluff.

Recorded: 27 July 2011 …



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How To Bluff Squeeze (Advanced Poker Strategy) | SplitSuit

10 thoughts on “How To Bluff Squeeze (Advanced Poker Strategy) | SplitSuit

  1. Awesome point about how you want there to be a big gap between opponent's O-Range and C-Range so they can fold to a lot of 3-Bets.

  2. Hey, have you ever seen the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"?

    Well, i came up with a new player type term for someone who limps OOP then folds too much preflop…

    …An Oop-a-limpa 🙂

  3. do u have any tips for tournament style of play
    I always over value my hands and get crushed when i go all in with just 1- big blinds left

  4. Say its a tournament and you have 14 BBs. Should I go for a squeeae with A and 8^, I'd squeeze a 2BB bet with 5BB and actually get value out of it. I once folded a hand where I had already 3 bet 5BBS and got action )I had As 10h) and the flop was 7c Jc Qc and he had at least Q pair in his range. Near the bubble it gets very risky. Its only effective to spot fishes and who often calls at 3 bets and folds with Premium hands when you absolutely have 30-35 BBs.

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