How to Choose Your Bet Sizing in Poker

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In this hand review from the $300/$600 game at the Wynn Macau I share strategies you can use to optimize your bet sizing in poker.
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Bet sizing is important in poker because the wrong bet size could turn an otherwise profitable play into a losing one. How would you have played this hand? Leave your thoughts in a comment below and the best one will receive a free month to the Conscious Poker Membership Program:

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On this channel I regularly analyze some of the biggest hands of poker played on high stakes cash games like Poker Night in America, Live at the Bike, Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker or tournaments like the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour featuring legendary poker players like Doyle Brunson, Tom Dwan, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Ivey, Gus Hanson, Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu.

I also pick hands which are sent to me from readers like yourself to give you actual feedback on your specific questions.

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How to Choose Your Bet Sizing in Poker

10 thoughts on “How to Choose Your Bet Sizing in Poker

  1. I subscribed to your channel maybe 5 years ago and for the last two years i didn't have a single video by you in my subscription feed.
    Nice that you are still doing this.

  2. I like small ball bets in a situation like this like Alex did. There's a chance someone could be trapping with a better hand and you don't want to get greedy and lose too much in this situation. Still, kings is a good hand and it did look like everyone had air or near air. By the river you're only losing to a jack or aces so it makes sense to make a bet that can be called by a worse hand.

  3. Its a shame the stacks were so low. If I were him and the stacks were larger, I would be bluff shoving repping the jack.

  4. Nice video! Quick question:

    Although you were blocking KJ and QJ, why were you not at all worried anyone could have a J? I feel like the BB is checking his entire range here, which includes any J. Do you feel that the multi-way pot would have enticed the CO/BTN to Cbet/bet respectively?

    I’m relieved knowing that I probably would have taken the same line as you here, but on the flop and turn, I would have been more worried that there’s the chance I’m being slowplayed.

  5. It was a good bet size. Only other option is to check, as if you made a feeler bet on the turn to see who had something. Then aborted mission on the river. He might try to bluff or bet more than your sizing which could yield a bigger profit when you call.

  6. his only options are if he has air is re raise you because he thinks you have air, or just fold. If he has the flush, well, he'll either re raise again if he thinks you have air or call. Or of course if he has a king he may call or re raise. Or he may think you have the boat or better due to your medium raise hoping he will call.

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