How to Deal with Aggressive Poker Players

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It’s hard to know how to deal with aggressive poker players as a new poker player, luckily poker pro Phil Galfond is here to teach beginner poker players how to counter aggression at the poker table.

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Is your opponent blasting away with everything they have and bluffing up a storm?

Are they betting big with huge value hands and no bluffs, only trying to get a lot of money with their strong poker hands?

Remember to identify where your opponent’s aggression is coming from and you will have an idea of the appropriate response.

Some poker players’ aggression is expressed more linearly when they start betting with all of their top pair hands while still not bluffing enough; the adjustment to this player type is different from both of the others above.

Like Phil says in this clip, the way you find out is by paying attention to what they show down and go from there!

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How to Deal with Aggressive Poker Players

6 thoughts on “How to Deal with Aggressive Poker Players

  1. Phil what's the site or app to play online rn in the US….. I play for a living and just frustrated after I win consistently live and online play has been my struggle but it feels so crooked most days.

  2. When you have the nuts, make sure to set every trap you can 😂

  3. A lot of beginners and intermediate players make the mistake of labeling aggressive players as maniacs automatically. A good player needs to have a healthy amount of aggression.

  4. Best poker clip ive seen. I mean for any beginer the faster you realize THIS. You will run better and find yourself in more equitible spots. It's impossible with out proper experince points tho imo. Know when someone plays this way you have to be willing to adjust your range

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