How To Decide WHEN To BLUFF!

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“I guess it’s time to bluff” is not what you want to be telling yourself at the poker table. Today, I detail the bluffing flowchart that will give even beginner poker players the know-how they need to bluff effectively.

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How To Decide WHEN To BLUFF!

10 thoughts on “How To Decide WHEN To BLUFF!

  1. In example two, do we really want to cbet flop here? I think our range and hand have quite low equity on this flop v tight player.

  2. How do you know if there are a lot of value hands in your range? Regarding hand at @18:57.

  3. should i just stop bluffing in small stakes? ive never seen anyone fold anything in my tournaments they be raising k2o utg and hitting nuts

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