How To EXPLOIT Recreational Players When DEEP STACKED

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Today I’m going to be answering one of the most common questions I get from my students… How do I exploit recreational players when deep stacked!

We’re going to be discussing exactly that in this video that I made for my students on! 3 of the main things we will be discussing are 1) How to take advantage of players that drastically overvalue strong (but non nutted) hands. 2) How to play against players who do not bluff catch enough. 3) How to exploit players that play poorly in multiway pots!


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How To EXPLOIT Recreational Players When DEEP STACKED

10 thoughts on “How To EXPLOIT Recreational Players When DEEP STACKED

  1. For amateurs , it will be great to cover topics based on multi way pots especially preflop, flop and turn. Bet sizing, bet frequency.

  2. This is nonsense. Ask yourself how does rec player have 10k to blow on tourney? Bc he is way smarter than you is the answer. He is doing analysis all day everyday at work. He is looking at 8 screens of data nonstop all day. A master of every programming language you have never heard of. IQ 125 plus. He would watch this, memorize it, and kill you. The 10k means a lot more to you than them.

  3. why exploit recreational players (CP)? they are the better citizens who are just looking for a way to have a recreation? why not teach the CP how to protect themselves from the hustlers who are preying on them?

  4. Any advice would be welcomed, I play regular cash game with regular players.. I usually buy in around $300, most other players buy in/re-buy approximately $100-$200 .. there is 1 regular deep stack good player who’s in for $1,500- $2,000, if I manage to get to big buyers stack size how would you then go about your game? It’s happened a few times now and I’m struggling on strategy when I reach big stack as he’s not afraid of another big stack and seems to have my number.

  5. Since a while ago I started watching all your videos( the free ones) when I’m done – I’ll buy the premium sub as well.
    I’ll point out that my game improved a huge deal since this teaching videos.
    Last night, in a tournament with only 1 rebuy available – I was out in less than 1 hour. How?

    Playing with very bad players, calling, and more than that, all in with nothing but a draw in their hand. A lot of gamblers at my table (at least 4/9).
    My hand 88 on the button.
    UTG+1 raise to 4BB, HJ Call, CO Call, I raise to 9.5BB.
    UTG+1( with J10) Call, everyone else folds. We are heads up.
    Flop: K 8 2 rainbow
    UTG+1 raise 12BB, I re-raise to 24BB

    Turn: 9 (no flush possibility, only his up and down straight draw)
    UTG+1 says “ALL IN”

    (Easy call for me as I saw him in few previous hands doing the same with trash hand)

    I Call. We are all in , all in.
    Turn is a 7. He gets a straight.

    I go re-buy. 20 minutes later happens exactly the same thing, exactly the same cards turn but this time I had QQQ on the flop, he raise all in on the turn waiting for a card for his straight (not up and down).

    I’ll also point out that it doesn’t bug me so much the fact the I lost the buy-in money as it bugs me the fact that he went all in on the turn with nothing Knowing that he can’t bluff me or scare me of my hand as I re-raised him twice( preflop and on the flop).

    To give another example:
    Playing a tournament online, 85 000 entries, 4900 in the money.
    I’m 9th in chips with Ks10s as BB, I called 6BB bet from UTG+1 (he had AQ off). He was also 6th in chips, around 350k more chips than me.

    Flop: K 2 3
    UTG+1 checked. At this point I put him on AQ/QQ/ or AA with a low %)
    I raise 18BB and UTG+1 shoves.
    I was around 90-95% sure that I’m not beat so I call.

    Turn: 5

    He gets a straight after on the board turned 4 perfect cards for him to get a straight.

    This didn’t annoy me as much as this other’s guy all in with dust as he knew he cant bluff, scare me off my hand.

    How else can I play against gamblers?

    Any opinions will be much appreciated.

  6. Feel like If I had a proper bankroll I would absolutely crush my local 1/3 but I’m broke

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