How to Make $916.66/hr Playing Poker

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In this video, we play $2/5/10 at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek


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How to Make $916.66/hr Playing Poker

10 thoughts on “How to Make $916.66/hr Playing Poker

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  2. "How too make $916 an hour playing poker" how about you make a new video bud. How to make $916 an hour over 1,000 hours playing poker. So tired of seeing these stupid headline videos of "my hourly was $500 etc… bro you know you ain't making that over 1,000+ hours. ….your making like 40$ an hour if your really, really good like myself ~~~~~~~~ professional 5/5 player grinder~

  3. 8:45 “if he would have folded i probably would have just left for the night” lmao same brother, same

  4. Why don't you tell us what the effective stack/ what you bought in for at beginning of the video?

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