How To Multi-Table Microstakes 20NL | Online Poker Strategy

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Lead instructor Evan from shows you how to successfully multi-table 20NL microstakes in this online strategy session.


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How To Multi-Table Microstakes 20NL | Online Poker Strategy

10 thoughts on “How To Multi-Table Microstakes 20NL | Online Poker Strategy

  1. Why raise with KQ (a pair of kings) on the turn when the ace comes? You said yourself he would be bluffing the ace, so why not call instead of raising and hope he bluffs the river? You also fold out worse kings that would otherwise value town themselves on the river.

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  4. I hate this way of playing poker. Its just a button pushing exercise. Tell me for example what the player tendencies are on the 4th table. How about a betting tell on one of the players on table 8? All this consists of is ABC button clicking and folding any thoughtful decision.

  5. nicely done… glad you're talking in a consistent soft town instead of spazing out like the clicking I'm hearing…haaha.. great videos!

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