How to Play Draws Like the Pros (Works Instantly!)

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Here is the advanced strategy to play your draws better than all pros know about, but most amateurs don’t understand.

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How to Play Draws Like the Pros (Works Instantly!)

10 thoughts on “How to Play Draws Like the Pros (Works Instantly!)

  1. How do you play draws? Also, poker players absolutely must stop doing this (likely costing you money)

  2. I do this often and it works. And yes sometimes emptying the clip on the river is the play. Great video Nathan 👍 ❤️♠️♦️♣️

  3. At low stakes people don’t need much of a hand to call down with, not just cause they’re stations but cause this line is more common now. If you have a loose image it won’t work unless you show down monsters as well. Works as a good change of pace if you have a tight image

  4. hard rock hollywood, florida — the worst operated poker room in the u.s.a. — they allow collusion from players ,,, the locals have secret words to let their friends at the table know that they have the HIGH HAND and they need to get $ 10 in the pot to qualify for the high hand promotion pay out usually $ 500 – $ 1,000 ,, the words are spread the pot — even though there is less than $ 9 in the pot ,,, than the dealer pretends that they dont understand the collusion ,,,, Forget about waiting hours & hours to get on a table – no one waits to be called to a table because they are on the waiting list — they just see a open seat and sit in it ,,,,,,,, IF someone points it out the whole table gets mad at you ,,,,,,,,

  5. Are you betting the draw because you think the LAG has nothing? I'd be putting the other player on a jack or 89. The turn is scary in my opinion so I'm not going to re-raise with a possible straight out there. I would call though to see if I can catch the river heart or 8. When you do catch your card you're in a better position to have your big bet look like a bluff and get a call. If you're betting along the way I guess you're looking to take down the hand?

  6. Thanks Nathan! I've been getting back into online poker, and I play MTT's where they allow for 8 rebuys, so I was wondering if a tight image would help if I only am able to rebuy twice, as I'm still building up my budget. Great content!!

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