How to Play: Omaha Split Hi-Lo

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Omaha Hi-Lo is an increasing popular form of Omaha poker. Sarah breaks down the essentials of the game to give you a clear understanding of how to play. To improve your game be sure to check out the PokerNews Strategy section.

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How to Play:  Omaha Split Hi-Lo

10 thoughts on “How to Play: Omaha Split Hi-Lo

  1. I don't know what they did for her make her almost break on tape, but it's adoarble to be instructed that way. More giggly!

  2. Just stick to Texas hold em man this games seem not that fun, at least in my opinion.

  3. Oh thank you for mentioning that if the board doesnt have 3 lower cards than 8, than the hi wins the pot. That is crucial

  4. Well…basically I understand since it is hard not to pay attention! Still…I don't know what is wrong with a good old game of 5 card stud! Why do people always want to come up with some confusing BS to make a sucker out of you?

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