How to Spot a Pro at the Poker Table (3 Dead Giveaways)

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Here are the 3 obvious signs that you have a poker pro at your table. If they do any of these 3 things, they are probably a strong player you should avoid.

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How to Spot a Pro at the Poker Table (3 Dead Giveaways)

10 thoughts on “How to Spot a Pro at the Poker Table (3 Dead Giveaways)

  1. How do you spot a pro at your table? Also, here is the worst poker play I ever saw (please don't do this)

  2. So why is Pill Hellmouth always blowing up at others and still a sour looser

  3. Crazy timing with this vid. Arround the time of upload i was making my poker debut and cleaned house. They werent so happy with me 😬🀭

  4. God damit, you got me nathan, iam hoping to get lucky too πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Hoping this since 20 years and will still hope this in 50 years i think πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  5. Are you saying that Negreanu is not a pro then? Did you watch WSOP 2022 main event?

  6. Point # 2. Pros don't take badbeats seriously.
    Meanwhile Dnegs smashes his phone after a badbeat.
    Lol …. jus sayin

  7. good video, and its true,
    i've tried for years to tell myself im good enough to win without the help of others or with out studying and putting in the hours to research hands, position, etc.

    ive been playing for 2 years sober now, expecting to win, and have roughly broken even

    have taken a couple months off, and dont want to play again for a while because it is so frustrating to break even

    Online poker is very difficult to profit from ,

    For me its tough, because i love poker, live and online

    But won't play seriously again until I put in the time to study more, might just leave it behind me to be honest

    Except for the odd trip to the casino

    Oh no, the ream of being a professional poker player is over for me
    I'm a rec now, probably always was


  8. Any player with a bad enough run will eventually lose their cool.
    But I try to keep it chill
    I've seen some very good players lose their cool

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