I think I was not supposed to play this way. #ggpoker #pokerstrategy #poker

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#poker #pokerstrategy #paulpunts #ggpoker #cashgamepoker

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I think I was not supposed to play this way. #ggpoker #pokerstrategy #poker

9 thoughts on “I think I was not supposed to play this way. #ggpoker #pokerstrategy #poker

  1. It depends on the information he has on u, if he knows u 3 bet 9's and 10's against him, his call is always Ev+ most of the time if u raise, seeing how aggro u are, u have just set of 3's and A high flush and he has A+top pair, what do u think? But maybe I am overthinking here, if he has 0 info on u, yep that is a terribile call 🤣

  2. Really thincking as 10 IS not a good move with flush draw and straight on flop? It dépend of the action pre maybe

  3. U really love to get it in on the flop with just a nut flush draw. U were in position, you should've flat called with a plan to raise turn if your hand gained more equity and blocking 78s which is the nuts.

  4. You played 100bb with flush draw and you commented for him cards ? Seriously?

  5. Very aggro lol. Personally like flatting ip w the nut flush draw most of the time, especially in this btn vs co situation. I'm still ahead of a lot of the 78, QJ and Kxdd he might spew for that sizing and can win at showdown occasionally if river goes check check. Don't mind this line once in awhile but I think you are repping way too narrow as far as value since the only real value you have is 33 and maybe some T9s that you don't 3b (2 combos from his perspective.) If it's any consolation I think his line was awful lol. Thoughts?

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