Is COVID Helping OR Ruining POKER? CARPOOL with Nate Silver, Jonathan Little & Andy Frankenberger!

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Join me (Jonathan Little), Nate Silver and Andy Frankenberger in a casual chat about a few of the things on most poker players’ minds recently!

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Watch my analysis of Hellmuth’s HUGE Bluff with 83 suited here:


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Is COVID Helping OR Ruining POKER? CARPOOL with Nate Silver, Jonathan Little & Andy Frankenberger!

10 thoughts on “Is COVID Helping OR Ruining POKER? CARPOOL with Nate Silver, Jonathan Little & Andy Frankenberger!

  1. 1) Do you think the majority of poker players are vaccinated?

    2) Should an online WSOP bracelet hold as much prestige as a live

    WSOP bracelet?

    3) Where do you think the WSOP should be held in 2022?

    4) Who do YOU think looks like Jason Koon?

    5) Was that you Jason Koon?

    6) Is Limit Hold'em dead?

  2. I think that the #poker players vaccinated is around average maybe below average….Im taking a break from casinos for now – but playing some live made me more patient online too. I think online bracelets count as bracelets for sure – considering most people playing the bracelet events are playing much less tables than the usual online grind and probably more pros than recs traveled to a place where you can play an online even. A Little Carpool with Johnathan Little is gunna become a reg show 🙂

  3. I played those LHE heads-up machines. Jason Koon is right, if you play irrationally you can beat those machines. You just can't play for long periods of time, because I think it does learn how you play. So you move on to another machine.

  4. Hey boss, when was the last time you worked a “normal” job? Just wondering big city. Or have you played poker for like the last sum odd years or so? If so congrats because you are one of the few that can withstand variance and the mental impacts that one has to go through as a professional poker player!

  5. this is pretty cool. I don't think you would have imagined you'd ever be in a car chatting with Nate Silver.

  6. I am a pharmacist and premium member. I got both shots (Moderna) and got Covid. I treated it homoepathically the same way I treat the flu. My friend another pharmacist got Covid and told him what to do and he did not do any of it. He almost died. If you talk about how to really treat this Covid you get censored. The Covid shots have not been truly tested and a lot of people had multi-day side effects. This would not have been tolerated with the other vaccines. They would have been taken off the market. I know I have given thousands of shots. And any reaction I am required to report. Covid was rushed to the public way too soon. Now watch out for the boosters will probably come into play like the every year flu shots that are only 40 per cent effective at best. It's about the big bucks. The government has overstated the Covid shots effectiveness without thorough testing. I did my homeophathic thing to Covid and boom gone. Government not doing the right thing here. They have made it a political thing by people who know nothing about health. I will match my 35+ years as a pharmacist and homeopathic understanding of this Virus with anybody. I didn't say I was an expert but I do know how to treat this virus. Vaccines are only maybe a small part of the solution. My prediction is that Covid will continually be a problem until they adopt unconventional treatment and start listening to people who have been in the trenches like me when traditional methods simply do not work.

  7. Kinda surprised that more players arent just keeping masks on. I’m not a huge live tell guy but I’d think that regardless of the virus being able to cover your face would be super helpful.

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