10 thoughts on “J3 o – 4th down – #pokerbrandon #poker #pokerstrategy #pokerreels #pokertips #AA #bluff

  1. Yeah let’s get in there with the tightest player at the table, with the weakest hand known to man

  2. So let me get this straight. UTG, who you are describing as a nit, opens 8x for the first time in 8 orbits, you look down at the almighty J3o and do anything but throw it in the muck. Bro if your assessment is correct about how tight this guy plays I'm folding tens there, I'm playing the best suited connectors, jacks plus and some AK, AQs type hands. You play very exploitative, and part of the core fundamentals of exploitative play is to over fold against nits. Then you add fuel to the fire by bluffing the tightest player at the table, with complete air, for all your stack. I know you're a fish but I just don't know what was going through your head here man

  3. He calls because 1) No one folds overpairs on this type of board in low stakes 2) he’s smart enough to check overpairs on this board knowing it doesn’t hit his range and better die your range which will 3) induce some bluffs from a guy like you that knows that 4) what value hands are you shoving 3x pot with when his hand doesn’t look strong. You would bet smaller if you wanted a crying call from 88/99 and 5) this line screams missed draw or bluff

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