4 thoughts on “JQ o – Q high Bluff – #pokerbrandon #poker #pokerstrategy #pokerreels #pokertips #AA #pokerHands

  1. Do you literally try and win every hand with a big bet, if you sense weakness.

    Seems that way, and it seems to work for you too.

  2. Your best line here if you don't want to just give up is to bet small on the turn, to look like Tx, 99 etc. Then you can get a call out of a 7 or even a 4, 55 or something. Then you get more value and those hands a fold OTR if you bet big. No sense in just going x/x/r, your line looks very suspicious and your opponents are all only folding their worst 1 pair hands and air. You're representing exactly a 2, and since you raised Then called a 3bet you shouldn't have much 2x. It's good you took it down but it was a risky line you took

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