9 thoughts on “K9 s – reverse trap ?- #pokerbrandon #poker #povpoker #aa #kk #pokerstrategy #qq #jj #pokerbros

  1. I don’t think that’s what happened, no way I’m folding trips especially to someone who bluffs as much as you do. 😂

  2. Bro every time you explained a hand it’s like intentionally making no sense is this supposed to be satire

  3. There is zero chance he folds any 7 to that bet. He probably shoves on you. Seems like he had maybe an over pair, and was afraid of you having a 7. Not sure what was going on in this hand both ways lol

  4. Back door flushes come often..dude do you really play poker like this? where do you play and can i get a seat….PLEASE?

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