Learn Poker – Starting Hand Strategy

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In this episode, you’ll learn about starting hands. The two ‘hole’ cards that you are dealt at the beginning of each round make up your starting hand. Your hole cards can be paired or unpaired, high ranked or low ranked, suited or non-suited, connected or unconnected. We’ll review how these factors determine the strength of your starting hand.

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Learn Poker – Starting Hand Strategy

10 thoughts on “Learn Poker – Starting Hand Strategy

  1. The hand discussed at around 11:00 could as well be a badly played JAs and still have lost the hand. It would (should) have been played differently, but top pair can always be beaten with an overpair or a lower 3oak… So isn't it more about losing without the nuts, or not calling the river without strong enough hand? Bets weren't exactly half pot, right?

  2. at 19:26: "and because he's moved all in, it doesn't look like he has aces or kings"
    How come? As going all in a sign that you don't have a power hand, but something close?

  3. If you follow this advice, you’ll lose. You need to be a loose cannon. It’s the only theory worth utilizing

  4. So in minute 18 he says that the player going all-in pre-flop is not likely to have pocket aces. In minute 20 a pro guy with pocket aces goes all in pre-flop.

  5. i have a question on the part where the player plays with his j4 .. if it was j10 what could he have done to still think about folding or his chances of winning against bluffs considering opposition bets.? thanks.

  6. Bullsh*t. If he had pocket JJ the result would have been the exact same. And JJ is a strong hand, don't tell me you'd fold it pre-flop.

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