Live 1/2 Poker Strategy – Win more, lose less! Simple 1/2 Poker Tips – Detroit Poker Vlog 71!

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Basic live 1/2 poker cash game strategy! Let’s go over this simple live cash game concept that will help you win more money (and lose less money)! Detroit Poker Vlog #71! Basic poker strategy videos like this one will help you learn how to play poker, and develop a thought process to guide you at live poker cash game tables!

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0:53 The Hand History
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4:25 Basic Hand Analysis
9:42 Results Oriented
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Live 1/2 Poker Strategy – Win more, lose less! Simple 1/2 Poker Tips – Detroit Poker Vlog 71!

10 thoughts on “Live 1/2 Poker Strategy – Win more, lose less! Simple 1/2 Poker Tips – Detroit Poker Vlog 71!

  1. Good post and thanks for providing solid ABC poker advice in this situation. The hero has a lot of gamble but failed to recognize the strength of the villain's flop raise. It's too bad the hero had no information about the villain he was against. Maybe the hero just has/had an abundance of disposable income and the $250 was a negligible amount for him. Either way, I agree with your viewpoint and hope you keep it up.

  2. You were pretty spot on about the player tendencies of most low stakes players. I'm folding A2 UTG majority of the time in a 9 handed game. I think the utg limp is so bad that it should be the emphasis but your saying the player raised to 12 when it was just an open. I would open over 1 limp with all my playable hands in LP so we can't assume he only has monsters. The donk is wierd but if you are mixing in your pocket 2's & K10's you can make a case for sometimes. Once raised i think its just a call on the flop. The shove is a big over play because if called you're mostly gambling. Just calling gives you the option of checking maybe getting a check back or you can evaluate the bet. But I suck so what do I know

  3. Great vid! Too many times I'm thinking that I can improve with so many cards especially with a flush + straight draw when in fact I don't have jack yet. Even with bottom pair, making a set in this situation puts me in a bad spot. I also like what you said about not playing A2 suited early position because it is so true that 1/2 and 1/3 players are so scared of flushes that it's hard to get paid off.

  4. Ran across this channel this evening. Good content. Nice to see the way I play and think thru my hands is relatively sound. Great content for new players.

  5. Welcome back! Wish I could cross to Detroit to play, doesn't seem like Windsor's ever opening up again lol

  6. Great advice and analysis on this hand.

    Playing flush draws OOP aggressively as a very rough ride on the variance train. IP, I would mix in some raising on the flop, risking occasionally getting blown of my draw, and take free cards if the turn bricks. If Villain shows turn and river weakness, OOP, then I may bluff the bricked river. In position is the place for this hand. But if I play it OOP, I'm keeping the pot small until I improve.

    As far as the hero playing this hand out of position for stacks on the flop, I'd give him the same kind of future action, on a similar board, if I was the villain and had AK. I would have those straight and flush draws in his range and have to get in with AK, too.

    Loved the book!

  7. Thanx 4 the sound advice. I limp in with this type of hand all the time and I can't remember the last time it payed off big!

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