Making FRIENDS in POKER Around The WORLD! #shorts

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Poker professional James Romero shares how he finds friends in poker, both at live poker events and online poker games. Through being extroverted, friendly, and seeking out like minded poker loving people, you can build a large community within the poker industry and have poker friends all around the world.

On this poker channel you will find everything you need to improve as a poker player! Jonathan analyzes live poker hands from TV poker shows such as Hustler Casino Live & PokerGO. He also covers popular poker vloggers such as Brad Owen & Rampage Poker. You’ll frequently see some of the most popular poker professionals including Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey & Tom Dwan! Each week Jonathan releases a specific poker strategy video that will help you take your poker game to the next level!

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Making FRIENDS in POKER Around The WORLD! #shorts

2 thoughts on “Making FRIENDS in POKER Around The WORLD! #shorts

  1. Do you think it’s easier to find poker friends at live events or online? 🧐

    a) Live Events

    b) Online

  2. Time will tell. I have only played home games and online. A lot of people like to play with me, but so far no one wants to study and take it as seriously as I do. Soon I will try to make a poker study group or go out to try to and join one, so I'll see how many poker friends I wind up with. I recently signed up on "Flop" which seems to be like a poker tracker/poker Facebook kind of thing where you can also find games near you. I got the app just to keep track of my live play and it has more to it than I thought. Good luck out there! Where are most people at online? Discord? Two plus two? Last time I spent time talking to people online I wound up married, after that I decided to limit my time talking to strangers online, lol

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