Maximum GAMBLE to Winning $894,000! Day 1 | Poker Vlog

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Personal Vlog (Ethan Yau)

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Maximum GAMBLE to Winning $894,000! Day 1 | Poker Vlog

10 thoughts on “Maximum GAMBLE to Winning $894,000! Day 1 | Poker Vlog

  1. Hi. Long time viewer. Love ur heart at poker. However, PLEASE next time just fold the K6….

  2. That hand you lost your first 25k you played horrible. I would be pretty frustrated if I backed you. You should probably make those people right.

  3. Kamikaze style i poker s his only chance to accumulate chips by " hoping it's a flip " this clown was posting golf videos then realized that game of golf takes actuall skills not luck if this clown makes it to the river with out making a hand guyic bluff is coming for sure ….. I watch this clown strictly for punts bc I know they will always come just like that k high hand 🤡

  4. Haters gotta realize that this "rampage" image is getting my dude paid, can't be a NIT and expect to win big regularly.

  5. Great game mate. That was pretty intense on pure bubble with JJ and of course great bluff with AQ watta legend! Best of luck in the next vids cheers

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