Micro-stakes poker strategy: micro stakes cash game #HelloAlec 17

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Check out some action from micro stakes cash game that I got from my reader Adrian.
Do you have your own micro stakes strategy?
Are micro stakes online poker players really over aggressive?
Did Adrian played well here or you think he got lucky?

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Micro-stakes poker strategy: micro stakes cash game #HelloAlec 17

10 thoughts on “Micro-stakes poker strategy: micro stakes cash game #HelloAlec 17

  1. lol. lmao The commentary …… maybe he folds Jx pocket tens maybe pocket QQ or Aces ? lol why am i not a millionaire. lol .. why are we hoping to just take the pot down right there? this is not a tournament where there are blinds and antes. Lol i am wondering if Check raising is a good option right here? for who the villain? you are in position. The better option is to get a Poker book and learn the game for 1.

  2. I think the main problem with your logic is what you hoped to have a fishy low stakes opponent fold. A fishy low stakes opponent is basically never folding top pair, despite the kicker. If you're bluffing the turn jam it with 2.85 behind. The 2/3rd pot bet on the flop says overpair or top pair, or extremely aggressive bluffer. These opponents are not considering your range, they only consider their cards. To him j10 was the nuts on that board (crazy I know, but this is how they think).

  3. You seem like a decent thinking player. Unfortunately, you exhibit a very common leak here that many thinking low stakes players make. This drains profit by a lot. You assume that your opponents think on the same level as you. However, at 10nl, many opponents are terrible players, like villain here. Given that he is clearly super aggro, I like your play until the turn. You are ahead of his range preflop, and have correct odds to call on the flop. Call with your draw. Given that he bet 1/2 pot, you have 3:1 odds. you have a 20% chance to hit a flush. Also, given the villain, he will likely stack off on the river when you hit. You can fold if you miss. This gives you correct implied odds to call. However, given villain, he is not folding anything he has here to a raise. While you would fold top pair, villain will probably not fold 2nd pair, much less AA. Don't insert your thinking into the mind of a fish. The way to beat 10nl (I know it is boring) is simply to wait until you have a good hand, and extract maximum value by betting and calling. Semi bluffs and bluffs tend to be bad (unless there are particularly compelling situations due to HUD stats) because most opponents will call you down with anything they could have that beats you at these stakes. Just call the turn, and try to get stacks in if you hit a flush, just call if you hit an ace, fold if you miss completely. If you hit an eight, only call if villain is a super aggro fish who does not even care about the money at these stakes, betting and raising almost any two cards most hands. If not, fold if you hit an eight to a reasonably sized bet. I hope this helped.

  4. leaving 2.85 behind is ridiculous, what do you expect him to fold? For another 2.85 I would call even with deuces just to hit a set lol

  5. Quote: "His Turn bet is questionable..Only better hands will call etc etc.." But you DID in fact call as a 3:1 dog,so his bet was actually great in this case since he got you to spazz and effectively shove a worse hand.Im not sayin that his play was GTO in general but vs players who will payoff (vs you) is WAS actually a great bet!

  6. It has been a few years since I have played small stakes. My biggest question is does anyone ever fold in small stakes? I think not!

  7. I don't think this guy would have folded that pair no matter what you had done. Had he had a pair of fives, I think he would be doing the same thing.

  8. This type of micro stakes player is never folding. As soon as you said he 3 bet a lot I knew what type of player he was. You rarely ever see 3 bet bluffs in micro stakes and when you do it's usually a bingo player who will never fold anyway. In my opinion, the best strategy against this type of player is to just wait for premium hands and let him bet.

  9. At these stakes…Shoving on the turn was probably best as played. Why leave the $2.58?!? You are never folding if he shoves. Plus, it leaves you a $2.58 bet for the river?..No..Get it in on the turn when he can possibly fold. Defending is fine as you were shown J10o that he 3 bet you with. Also you have 12 outs not 9.

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