Midstakes Pot Limit Omaha Strategy and Tips

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Here’s another Pot Limit Omaha compilation of cash game hands and Q&A from a Twitch poker livestream earlier this week. To learn more about Pot Limit Omaha, check out the PLO Mastermind at https://jnandezpoker.com

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The JNandez Poker YouTube channel is all about the world of poker and Pot Limit Omaha and my journey playing the great game professionally and creating the top PLO training membership in the world.

You can expect some announcements about our products like the Preflop Trainer and upcoming PLO solver software, but the focus of this channel is to provide free top quality information about the great game of Pot Limit Omaha to as many people as possible.

The PLO Mastermind is taught by JNandez87 who has been playing poker professionally since 2011 and has consistently beat the mid and high stakes on sites like Poker Stars, Party Poker and many others. He was a two time SuperNova Elite player and has made over a million dollars playing online Pot Limit Omaha throughout his career.

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Midstakes Pot Limit Omaha Strategy and Tips

8 thoughts on “Midstakes Pot Limit Omaha Strategy and Tips

  1. I've been streaming a bunch this week so if you want to check out the streams live make sure to follow me on Twitch. http://www.twitch.tv/jnandezpoker to get notified when I go live! Hope you guys are enjoying the highlights.

  2. That AAJ2 hand is really interesting and a tough one. Questions I would ask myself: is this player capable of bluffin in this spot? if so; how often on this river?

    obviously you would need a read on the player in order to estimate this. His valuerange should in general only be T7, ,77,TT,33,73. I think most players wouldn't shove flush here for value. That leaves his range way more weighted towards bluffs – if he has a bluffin range in these spots. You're getting 2:68:1 to make this river call. So 27% to breakeven.
    So, a call if he's bluffin more than ~30%. Superhigh variance spot, but I think these are crucial to figure out, in order to have an edge at these stakes. IMO his play is very spewy, but thats another subject. Barells like these could be seen regurarly in holdem back in the days, now I would assume its quite rare.

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