Moving Up In Limits Poker Strategy

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Published on Mar 10, 2016

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Our Origins was originally started in 2014 by Alton Hardin as a dedicated micro stakes cash game study group as a means to quickly and efficiently improving his poker game. In a matter of months it quickly morphed into a dedicated micro stakes community with a dedicated Skype study group, micro stakes forum, and free training material. As the months passed on, members came and went from the world of micro stakes, as they commonly do; however, Alton was dedicated to continue to evolve MicroGrinder. From 2014 – 2015, Alton had drastically improved his poker game to the point where he was developing poker training videos on YouTube, Udemy, Amazon and for fellow micro stakes poker players.

Our Mission
Today Alton is dedicated to continue that path with, continue to write poker strategy articles, best-selling poker books, and poker training courses all geared towards beginning and struggling micro stakes poker players at an affordable price. Currently Alton has produced three poker books, four poker courses, numerous poker strategy articles and over 85 free YouTube poker strategy videos. While is no longer a study group or micro stakes poker forum, it is a dedicated micro stakes poker strategy resources.

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Moving Up In Limits Poker Strategy

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