Never Play Your Pocket Kings Like This! (Epic Fail)

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Guys, never play your pocket kings like this! This is an amateur mistake that only beginners make.


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Never Play Your Pocket Kings Like This! (Epic Fail)

10 thoughts on “Never Play Your Pocket Kings Like This! (Epic Fail)

  1. Today I flopped a set with my aces, but flop was AJT. I bet, he called. Turn was K , we went check check. River was x card, he went all in. Crying, I fold, and he showed the Q to me. I hate it but I lost almost nothing.

  2. Pocket 10s are also deadly in this hand 😳 as well as flopped too pairs like 6 & 9, 6 & 10 and 9 & 10

  3. if you can tell us how to start big live tournament middle and money to final that we have chance you do long video if you care about us …😁

  4. He is right. I had pocket 10s and I checked βœ”οΈ. Flop K 10 7 and I checked my aponant had AK and bet $100 I went all in $450 He called and I won.

  5. Inspiring a new generation of nuts that fold an overpair to a raise on a draw heavy board

  6. Completely player dependent. Yes, it's a fold to players who raise large on value, and it's a call to players who raise large with any 1 pair or drawing hand.

  7. Your Right!-Nathan!-Folding Kings-When It Doesn't Match-The Board!-Is The Good Move&Not-A Bad One!-Raymond "Mike" Hong!&(This Short Cip-Is-THE BEST!&Thanks!-Nathan!-Raymond "Mike" Hong! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘!!!!!!!!!

  8. Basically: "If you don't have the nuts, be careful because other players could have a better hand." 🀣

  9. After listening to your advice from many videos. I went to the casino for the first time to play NLHE and turned $300 into $971 in only about 5 hours. You are the best poker coach I have found on YouTube.

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