New Strategy Pays Off In A Huge Way!

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MUG at Hustler Casino

Saturday September 24th
$1/$2 PLO $100-$500 Buy-in

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I’m a live Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) poker player who has been inspired by many live poker vloggers such as Andrew Neeme, Brad Owen and Rampage, and now want to bring the great game of Omaha poker to YouTube.

I typically play $5/$5 Pot Limit Omaha poker at Lake Elsinore Casino in California but will soon be traveling to play at other poker rooms in the US.

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Equipment I use

Pocket Jack phone or tablet holder

Extendable Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote

Car Phone Mount

Hey, I’m Wayne aka donkfishpoker and I typically play live small stakes PLO. I’m going to be taking some shots at bigger games and traveling to play poker. Comments below if you know of a good PLO game I can go to.

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New Strategy Pays Off In A Huge Way!

10 thoughts on “New Strategy Pays Off In A Huge Way!

  1. Buying in shorter accomplishes 2 things IMO. You don’t get punished as much when the variance is so high and equity’s are similar,against multiple players in each hand. Also,having a smaller stack can induce a player to bluff you more and even gamble more with you bc your stack can’t hurt him vs a full buy in stack. I see many benefits only if you’re a solid player who can navigate through PLO. You’re really sharp minded and I think it fits your style. Phil Helmuth has been doing this for a few years now in No-limit. He’s recognized people come after him,bluff a ton to him and just want to set him on tilt and make the highlights. He buys in short and they can’t do it like before. Brilliantly played!!!

  2. I don’t get why you gave up that nut flush draw. If you were concerned perhaps you should have potted the flop to realize your equity instead of calling and folding the turn. You can’t do much better than flop the nut draw.

  3. Big fan of your videos! I want to start working on my PLO game, but 1-2 is still rich for my blood with the variance. I want to dabble in low stakes online PLO and I want to see if you have a recommendation for a site in the US that would be best .

  4. The initial stack adjustment is interesting. Do you think with 4x$300 bullets you can usually breakeven at least by your third one based on the average pot size?

  5. The 300 buy in works well with your style and you even had some reward after the double up. Nice session.

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