Online Cash Game Poker Strategy: Would You Call This River?

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Today’s Hand of the day from Julian comes from some good ol’ $0.50/$1.00 NL online poker, and he would like to know more about his online cash game poker strategy, betting strategies and his bet sizing choices. I share some of my thoughts, hand analysis and poker tips, feel free to share your own below.

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Online Cash Game Poker Strategy: Would You Call This River?

10 thoughts on “Online Cash Game Poker Strategy: Would You Call This River?

  1. To nit to fold KJ… Likely the villian can be bluffing with Ace high… Too unlikely villian can have JJ, KK, AA or QT… If they do have… it is juz a cooler, nothing u can do…

  2. I think checking back river is the right play. There are so many better rivers (essentially any card besides an A) that you could bet for value that I think it's okay to check back an A and make sure you get to showdown.

    When the river hits your range and the villain is still willing to check-raise, I think it's a good fold. Q10 is easily in your range with the line you took so the villain has to take that into consideration.

  3. Great video, if only for the advice on the turn (which is where I am as I write this comment). My initial thought would have been to bet half-pot on the turn (as Hero did), because you might induce a call from AJ, JQ, or 10J. However, I see why culling these hands is a good idea, as narrowing Villain's range to a King or strong King will allow you to make a big bet on the river (if Jx were still in his range on the river, you might bet smaller to induce another call, which would leave money on the table if he ends up having a strong King).

  4. The hand was played okay until the river. The bet sizing is weird.. either bet bigger to have more confidence in your bet-fold, or bet smaller to make a call easier, since it could induce a bluff raise.

  5. I would have paid off the bet or not bet the river at all. If hr had something I think he would have bet the river and not risked you not betting at all. If he had AK, AQ or AJ I think he would have reraised a button raise. What do you think he had Q 10? That or 22, nothing else make a whole lot of sense. I think he was just bluffing maybe with a worse 2 pair like J6 . But I may be wrong I have been wrong alot lately.

  6. I would call, because your betting till the river is pretty small/weak, like only a K and mostly a rivered hand of you opponent would bet the river himself by not wanting to lose value. So i think there are some bluffs playing that river in this way.

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