PART 2!!! Hand Breakdowns, Strategy, and Analysis from the 2021 WSOP Poker Vlog

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We’re back with Part 2 of all the Hand Breakdowns from the 2021 WSOP Vlogs. This part is all No-Limit Hold’em Strategy and we discuss Bluffing, some tricky spots, and a couple of quizzes.

0:00 Day 26 A Tricky Spot
2:31 Day 30 River All In Bluff
4:35 Day 33 An interesting Bluff
7:10 Day 40 The Main Event
9:46 Day 45 A Must Bluff
13:18 Day 47 Another Bluff
14:30 Day 48 Quiz Time
16:38 Quiz Answers
17:03 Day 51 Playing a Mid Pair
19:41 Day 52 Set vs Set

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PART 2!!! Hand Breakdowns, Strategy, and Analysis from the 2021 WSOP Poker Vlog

10 thoughts on “PART 2!!! Hand Breakdowns, Strategy, and Analysis from the 2021 WSOP Poker Vlog

  1. Does anyone here mind explaining to me why at 18:40 the 8 is better for BB than UTG. Is it cos BB is more likely to have an 8 in his/her range?

  2. id say pocket 7’s. opponent was probably shooting for the flush (or was bluffing on it), daniel calls making it seem like he either A has it or B has some sort of pair leaving the opponent to run dry on a high card w no pair. turn comes making it J 7 4 9, he checks and then calls after the bet is made possibly shooting for 7-J straight or a flush, river comes K of spades daniel bets he folds.

  3. Q1, i think you would bet like that with all 3 of those hands, but pockets 7’s are 3 different hands so they seem more likely. I’ll go with pocket 7’s.

  4. The first breakdown you give, the verbal one, you did good imo.
    I've got over 7.62 in tournament winnings so I know what I'm talking about.
    Would you take this opinion less seriously now knowing I mean 7.62k? By 39! 😂

  5. 13:30 if you're not bluffing ever in a spot where you can be busted, that both reveals that you have a value hand when you bet in bust spots
    And reveals you're bluffing more frequently in spots where you can't bust, because you still have to keep your bluff percentage high
    It's a mistake I've made a lot

  6. In my opinion pocket 7s.
    I don't think you would call the raise under the gun with 68, maybe with qt.
    After that the call to the flush draw was reasonable, because of pot odds,
    17Against 35
    But after he checked, I don't think you would raise that much pot size if you had a draw to be completed on the river. You would check, or bet pot odds. Even with implied odds, I think the bet was too high for queen ten. Therefore, I think it was the 7's.

  7. Hey Daniel, love the content. This may not be relevant, so correct me if I am off, but I think some context on the players you are facing when you want us to guess the hand you have would help. I think the A3o hand made a lot of sense, but without knowing much about the CO player in the first example, it is a little bit more tricky to figure out. Does he check raise often, obviously he can have a lot of JX in that calling range in the CO so I understand your bluff in theory – it makes perfect sense. With GTO more prevalent now days, do you even factor that into your play?

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