Patrik Antonius SOUL READS With $825,000 On The Line!!!

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Patrik Antonius is no stranger to battling for huge amounts of money at the poker tables. He is mostly known for his exploits in the world of high stakes cash games but here he finds himself 3 handed in a $25,000 Triton Poker tournament with $825,000 for 1st!

In this hand from the Triton Poker Series in Cyprus, Patrik Antonius finds himself in a tricky spot on the river as his aggressive opponent Fahredin Mustafov puts him to the test with just ten high!

On the river Patrik Antonius shows us all why he has stood the test of time and is still battling in the biggest poker games in the world. Using all of his time banks he really thinks the spot through and stares down his opponent before making his decision.

With just bottom pair on this board and facing aggression on every single street, could you find the call for your tournament life in a $25,000 Triton poker tournament?!

Thank you to Triton Poker for allowing me to use their video footage, check out this hand and many more over on their YouTube channel:

This hand analysis was part of my Weekly Poker Hand series. I have been covering a poker hand every week for over 8 years!

You can find all of the hands I have covered in this playlist:

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Patrik Antonius SOUL READS With $825,000 On The Line!!!

10 thoughts on “Patrik Antonius SOUL READS With $825,000 On The Line!!!

  1. Would you have found the hero call on the river as Patrik Antonius? Be honest! 😅

  2. Yes, I would have called. Any pair feels like the favorite. T8 I would shove flop and cross fingers. Seems like more fold equity

  3. I think preflop is standard, although it's interesting that T8o in a cEV spot wouldn't always raise here.

    Flop is interesting. Patrik could actually lead here a tiny percentage of the time with his exact hand (bottom pair with a backdoor flush draw) although in practice check is fine. Mustafov's hand gets to do a little bit of everything – it can check, bet small or even bet medium sometimes, although I'd think a small bet is probably best as it is likely the most effective at putting ICM pressure on Patrik. (even though in reality Mustafov should not be range betting here on this board) Patrik should always call, obviously with bottom pair and backdoor hearts.

    Turn is standard for Mustafov, although I could argue that he's really not folding out a lot of stuff that Patrik calls flop with other than maybe some suited 2dxd or 2sxs type hands. That being said, Patrik is in a rough spot but I agree that call is probably best. Solvers would likely argue folding some % of the time to that sizing even with the heart draw, especially with ICM implications, but if we think Mustafov is betting way too many hands here we can probably always call . Jam really isn't a thing with pair + flush draws, the bluff jams are going to be the high equity combo draws like 85hh or 95ss.

    Interestingly enough, if you run this through a solver, J2/T2/92 are a pure folds for Patrik on the river, while some worse 2x like 52 are calls. My hunch is that this comes from the fact that the J, T and 9 block a lot of the bluffs Mustafov will have. So for Patrik to call, he actually should feel like Mustafov is significantly overbluffing – which he likely is to pile on ICM pressure.

    Fascinating hand.

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