10 thoughts on “Playing $10/25 and ALL IN for the BIGGEST pot of my life!! // Poker Vlog #24

  1. Bad call with the QQ vs AA. You know the old man has AA or KK. Play that hand 100 times and you lose 80 of them.

  2. Great vlog Lex!! If people want pure entertainment they can go to Rampage’s vlog – for people who want great technical analysis and to learn more about the psychological side of the game this is a really awesome vlog

  3. How to get over high stakes nerves. At home, take 20k in cash and put it on the table with chips for the other hands. Start dealing holdem, face up. Decide which hands stay & play. Play. See how well you do. Even knowing what other players hold does not change what you would do, if you're honest with yourself. Do that every day, you get more comfortable at the higher levels.

  4. Lex play the stakes that you love because when you're successful and having fun then us the viewers will enjoy it. Stay authentic, don't play a steak just to please the subscribers because it's Lex world 🌎 from Lex point of view of poker. Whoever don't like Lex world can go kick rocks. Good luck bro.

  5. Why were you so giddy and nonreflective with the QQQ? Why weren't you concerned about his having KKK? That's very likely given the action and the size of the bet. It may still be a call but you just pranced by that like you owned the moon. Which you didn't necessarily own at all. He likely had AA or KK and less of a few other possibilities. I've had situations like that many times where the other guy had KK. It's one thing to dismiss it based on your guess about the likelihood and the possibilities. But the size of that bet changes things. He made a foolish bet. Did you constantly see that guy make huge, foolish bets like that? You said the opposite about him.

    Plus you didn't reraise him. Obviously that's because you thought he might well have AA or KK, no? So what's with your giddy certainty?

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