Playing in a $50,000 Pot With THE NUTS!? | Rampage Poker Vlog

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Playing in a $50,000 Pot With THE NUTS!? | Rampage Poker Vlog

10 thoughts on “Playing in a $50,000 Pot With THE NUTS!? | Rampage Poker Vlog

  1. All I say is, QJs he folded in another vid on facebook, was the nuts!

    And in this one he called 2000 and restacked them before dealer shoved the pot over to the opponent.
    Wouldn't advise anyone to stake him, based on earlier merits in staking.

  2. first time I ever bought action. 0 markup is SO generous. Telling all my friends about it too 😂 good luck man.

  3. Why do you keep playing your hands like that you must have unlimited funds

  4. Quit placing your cards past the bet line.Someday a dealer will get distracted and think that is a fold and scoop in your cards. I have noticed you doing this in your videos the last few months. I don't ever recall you doing that back in 2019 or 2020.What has changed since then to make you place your cards out there recklessly like that?

  5. 7:51 shows one of many reasons why you should not keep your cards out in the center of the table, much less out there and completely unprotected. If it had been 3 ways, your hand could be declared dead and player #3 gets the pot. Time to start keeping them behind the line, and protected.

    I've had cards I'm mucking go out of control and almost muck someone else's hand, even at the other end of the table. Some floors won't kill the hand if everyone says it's clear which two cards are yours. Some floors will take a harder line, especially if you don't have a chip or card protector on your cards to at least slow down the intruding card and help keep your own cards from moving/spinning.

  6. My grandfather always said, "If you care at all about the amount of money you're bringing to a poker game, you're playing at too high stakes." The older I get the more I see how right he was. You have to be able to play as though you could just as easily flush your table bankroll down the toilet, and it wouldn't mean anything to you. I just don't see any scenario where Rampage can go into a $1M game and have the stakes mean nothing, which means he will be exploitable. Could he win? Of course. Or he could get coolered on the first hand. I don't see this as a +EV play for potential backers.

  7. Lol @ the plug in on the floor. Thats a G move. Only plug it in when you having company 😂😂

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