Pocket ACES! Can Alan Keating Get MAXIMUM Value?

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Poker fan favorite Alan Keating battles against the crypto king Wesley in this poker hand from the Hustler Casino Live stream. Fireworks were bound to happen when two loose players wake up with pocket aces and ace king! Can Keating find a way to get all the money in to win an almost $500,000 pot?

Jonathan discusses how your image at the poker table should be a factor that is considered when deciding on whether to slowplay big hands. It is also important to be aware of your opponent’s image too. Are they likely to get out of line or are they a straightforward player?

On the river, Jonathan discusses the merits of blockers and how they can be used to help make your decision. As Keating has the Ac in his hand it is less likely that Wesley would jam as a bluff.

Wesley has become a regular on Hustler Casino Live stream, he made his fortune in crypto trading and Bitcoin mining, and is the founder of investment firm Infinite Decentralization Capital (IDC). He is also known by his online alias CryptoApprenti1 and describes himself as “poker’s newest entertaining character.”

Alan Keating is a well known cash game player often playing in the biggest cash games live and private games around the world, he has become more of a regular on the Hustler Casino Live stream and recently played the biggest pot ever on the show which was almost $1,200,000!

This poker hand took place during the Hustler Casino Live Stream! The blinds were $200/$400/$800. The hand starts with Wesley raising from the cutoff with AKs. Mikki decides to 3-bet from the small blind and Keating sets the trap by just smooth calling from the straddle with pocket aces!

Wesley with an extremely strong hand opts to 4-bet to $50,000. Mikki is forced to fold due to his shorter stack depth and Keating continues to tell his story by just flat calling.

Heading into the flop the pot is already at a staggering $110,000. The flop comes Js 7c 4h. Keating plays in flow and decides to check to Wesley, the aggressor. Wesley takes the bait and bets 33% pot and Keating calls.

The turn is the 9c which finally slows Wesley down as he checks behind. On the 8c river Keating realizes he now needs to bet for value and uses a 33% size. Wesley with just ace high finds a good fold and Keating scoops a $190,000 pot with his pocket aces in this high stakes cash game!

Jonathan Little analyzes live poker hands from TV poker shows such as Poker After Dark, Hustler Casino Live, The Lodge Poker Club & PokerGO. He also analyzes popular poker vloggers such as Rampage Poker, Brad Owen, Jaman Burton, Ashley Sleeth, Wolfgang Poker and others!

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Pocket ACES! Can Alan Keating Get MAXIMUM Value?

10 thoughts on “Pocket ACES! Can Alan Keating Get MAXIMUM Value?

  1. How would you have played preflop as Keating? 🤔

    1) Same

    2) 4-Bet Mikki

    3) 5-Bet Wesley

  2. Beware of WPT the have ripped me off .Will not give my money back bunch of a/holes

  3. I love Alan just calling the first raise, because Mikki is so short. Once wes raises I’m looking to get it all in pre. Alan cost himself 160k.

  4. With so much money I’d just enjoy watching. Im already shocked Mikki 3-bet to 10k

  5. 4bet. Once Mikki folds and it becomes heads up I think a 4 bet is in order. Understand ( and have done) the idea of trap play) but I also think Mikki may have had AQ-QJ range which hurts my AA but could also impact Wesley. Wesley could have KK-QQ-AK . Get it in now

  6. Its a 5 bet here considering its Wesley but if its vs tight aggro player its a flat then let him do the betting as for sure he will cbet the flop.

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