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In this hand I channel my inner Phil Hellmuth and use his white magic in the World Series Of Poker Main Event!

It’s always a great feeling being dealt pocket kings on the button in the WSOP Main Event. After I decide to raise preflop I face a 3bet from the small blind who had been playing very straight forward throughout the day.

My spidey-senses were tingling and I decided to just call, which according to James Romero is GTO solver approved! From there the poker hand gets very interesting and it leads to a tough spot on the river.

I love working with James Romero and he gives us some fantastic insight into how your base poker strategy should adapt depending on whether you are playing freezeout tournaments or rebuy tournaments.

We also talk about how you must look to adapt from GTO and play more exploitative poker in the live setting when you are not playing against GTO players!

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10 thoughts on “Pocket KINGS In A TOUGH SPOT [WSOP MAIN EVENT]

  1. What would YOU do with K♠ K♥ on the river?

    Your Stack (BTN): 38,800

    Their Stack (SB): 38,800

    Pot: 43,200

    Board: 7♠ 3♣ 2♦ J♥ 6♠

    SB checks

    A) Check

    B) Bet 10,000 (small)

    C) Bet 20,000 (medium)

    D) Bet 38,800 (all-in)

  2. Isn't shoving profitable because he also folds aces some portion of the time? So if he has aces and you make him fold, you win the pot. He calls, you lose. However, he also calls queens and you win? Maybe its late and I'm missing something very dumb but is fold equity a factor in this spot??

  3. check — very thin. Most nits check their aces on the river in this spot. I love a thin value bet, but not in this spot with that turn sizing.

  4. I'm not going to risk betting light and getting raised. I call. If he has AA so be it.

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