Poker Betting Strategy Explained: When to Use Overbet in No Limit Holdem [Ask Alec]

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Part 3 in this mini-series on bet sizing discusses over betting strategy. In this video, you’ll learn how to use large bet sizes to gain max value from your strong hands and successfully run those epic bluffs to increase your bottom line!
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Poker Betting Strategy Explained: When to Use Overbet in No Limit Holdem [Ask Alec]

10 thoughts on “Poker Betting Strategy Explained: When to Use Overbet in No Limit Holdem [Ask Alec]

  1. Near the end of the vid., when you were offering: 'a quick fact before you go'..(at about 7:20 on the timer…) you confused me by using the terms 'when you're value betting….you want your opponent to fold more than 50% of the time.." and when you're 'betting for value… you want your opponent to call more than 50% of the time.." value betting and betting for value are the same thing….?

  2. Not one of my favorite Alec videos…a bit abstract and somewhat loquacious. Some concrete examples would be useful.

    I also think that it is a pretty huge generalization to say that just because villain checked the flop, he is capped. Even with very strong hands, there are often reasons to check…pot control, a scary board, playing against calling stations who just never fold (and seem to get lucky a bit too often), and of course, deception. If I had some idea my opponent was going to overbet on a regular basis, all the more reason to call the flop and check the turn, especially in position. And definitely when deep stacked, for example on a wet board, pot control can be a legitimate concern with something like TPTK or bottom two pair…

    Also, since small value bets get called with a much higher frequency, some kind of graph might be useful to give people an idea of profitability percentages, kind of thing. Not sure if that makes sense, but you probably get the drift of it.

    Thanks for all your efforts, Alec. πŸ™‚

  3. Im just scrolling through the comments… Pretending that they're talking about me *sigh (●__●)

  4. what if alec torelli threw chips at everyone in a game?! please end poker violence

  5. wait, so if our opponent flops a monster, we cbet, and we check the turn…you don't think that the opponent would check behind with his monster if he correctly concludes based on his read and the board, that our flop bet was just a standard cbet with air and that betting the turn would just blow us out of the pot? Him checking may allow us to catch up or sufficiency under rep his hand so that he might get an A high crying river call.

  6. It's just me I'm sure but I can't follow this. It goes right by me. Maybe it's the cadence. It's probably great information. I see the others like it.

  7. Very good video, since I use the mixed strategy (strong hands, Nuts and bluffs; before I saw this video) I make much more money!πŸ‘

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