Poker Satellite Strategy – Dara O’Kearney coaches Kevin Martin

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Live on Kevin Martin’s Twitch channel, satellite specialist Dara O’Kearney coaches the partypoker pro on satellite strategy. He reveals a lot of secrets from his book, which is now available on Amazon:

Thank you to Kevin Martin who kindly gave us permission to republish this video

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Poker Satellite Strategy – Dara O’Kearney coaches Kevin Martin

2 thoughts on “Poker Satellite Strategy – Dara O’Kearney coaches Kevin Martin

  1. *Time Stamps*

    00:02:00 Show starts
    00:03:15 Dara's history with satellites
    00:04:15 Why satellites are more profitable than most formats
    00:05:30 Early opening range adjustments in satellites compared to MTTs
    00:12:00 Medium stage adjustments and working out the average stack you are aiming for using 'Gorilla Math'
    00:19:55 Open raising vs shoving in the late stages of satellites (and why we don't play post flop)
    00:24:30 Why big stacks should avoid the chip leader (and even fold Aces preflop)
    00:28:00 Satellite ROIs/Adjusting to imperfection
    00:31:20 Late stage satellite strategy (and why you should learn it first)
    00:35:00 When you can call wider than expected
    00:37:45 Adjustments when a lot of tickets are being contested in a super satellite
    00:40:00 The success of and demand for a satellite book
    00:42:00 Viewer question: Is it -EV for a good satellite reg to play a target event they are a losing player in?
    00:43:00 Viewer question: Can you open raise (rather than shove) if everyone is playing super tight?
    00:45:00 Viewer question: How many times has Dara folded Aces preflop?
    00:46:10 Barry Carter asks: Have you changed your strategy in satellites because you are suspicious the regs have read the book?
    00:47:50: Viewer question: When should you fold big hands?
    00:49:40 Viewer question: Should you late register in satellites (spoiler: yes yes yes!)
    00:51:40 Hand review

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