Poker Strategy: $1280 Pot with Trip kings

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CLP Subscriber SquishMyTomato speaks about being at the top of our range in a 3 bet pot but we still can’t beat many hands, if villain has a low bluffing frequency.

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Poker Strategy: $1280 Pot with Trip kings

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: $1280 Pot with Trip kings

  1. Why did you call the preflop 3bet, then fold on the river on such a good board for you? You played horribly!

  2. it's a call all day against a young asian that 3bet pre on the river, most people like to set mine their smaller pairs at this level. are you good 1:4 times?? you are good probably 3:4 times. seems like hero is scared money and needs to drop to 1-2 imo. love these videos though!

  3. Gotta call there….or fold on the turn.

    That guy could have had any pocket pair, a weaker king, same hand as you, running a 3-barrel bluff with AJ or AQ or something like TJ-suited…who knows? But you are only realistically losing to 4 combinations, with the remote chance of maybe pocket 8s.

    And did you say "Asian"….OMG DUUUUUUDDE….all the more reason to call. Asians are crazy and love, love, LOVE to bluff…(ok, well some Asians surely do, in the way that Eastern Europeans are)

  4. this bloke needs to steer clear of poker. gotta have ballz to play, and obviously his wife has his crushed in her tight gripped hands.

  5. Year old video but I want to comment anyways. I feel personally I'd have to call, what else are you hoping to flop with KQ suited top two, royal, or straight? It's kind of scary villian keeps betting all three streets with two kings on the board but he might think he's getting value from hands like JJ or QQ(assuming he's got AA here) especially since you never put in a raise.

  6. I can’t see any other hand villain could have besides AK. You opened UTG and got 3-bet pre after UTG+1 called. I feel like he just overcalls a lot with hands that you beat and hands that he 3 bets for value like JJ QQ and AA would almost never take this line post flop. When you call flop and turn it looks a lot like you have either a non believing hand or a King or a full house such as 33 (if you even open that utg). Villain just has to have AK basicly in this scenario and i think hero made an extremely disciplined fold. I just don’t see how villain could possibly be bluffing in this scenario.

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