Poker Strategy: $1700 pot with bottom set at $5-$10

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CLP Subscriber Dave discusses an hand where he took a more passive line with a flopped set on a dynamic board.

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Poker Strategy: $1700 pot with bottom set at $5-$10

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: $1700 pot with bottom set at $5-$10

  1. i don't get it, how did hero not put him on AA, KK, QQ, i mean after he barelled on the turn again, its unlikely he hit some miracle jack, i for sure was thinking villian had a big pocket pair.

  2. In my oppinion The calculations are wrong. You consider only one senario. In this case You had two people behind so by checking You give them equity. The best way to check this spot is to open analyzer senario in poker equilab.

  3. Just ignore the dummies on the chat box! Lol. This is a scenario that should be appreciated and watched multiple times. No reason to even acknowledge people that didn't appreciate it.

  4. how do you not raise for value and protection on such a board? there is a lot of stuff that will call at least once.. this is not a good slow-play hand

  5. "blab blab blab..did you follow all that or not?" … "its gonna be a little bit difficult…what was the result?" <<eye roll>> classic Bart right

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