Poker Strategy: $3000 Pot with QQ Facing a Limp Re-Raise

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CLP Subscriber Dave calls in with a hand where he decided to trap QQ pre flop, got limp re-raised, and took a non-standard flop line.

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Poker Strategy: $3000 Pot with QQ Facing a Limp Re-Raise

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: $3000 Pot with QQ Facing a Limp Re-Raise

  1. Like the laughter, it shows me that you guys are confident in your play. Thanks for the work you have put into these shows Bart.

  2. as soon as someone limp raised pre flop, I automatically think AA or KK, no other choice

  3. I think, QQ is a mandatory 3-bet preflop when facing a limp and a small isolation. If the limper then comes over the top with a 4-bet, we can either make a tight fold or simply get it all in on the flop. Being 150 BB deep, I would lean towards a fold without a very specific read on the Villain.

    As played I really don’t understand, why Hero took the lead on the flop and kept barreling. Did he think, Villain limp-reraised with TT-JJ, and that he was going for value? Or did he turn his hand into a bluff trying to get KK-AA to fold? Regardless I don’t like it.

  4. I would 4bet the limp raiser and really love with the guy's head….and if he 5bets I fold. I love hearing about these badly played hands from players at higher stakes than me.

  5. Great info. I stepped up my winning ratio by only playing hands that have cards that are only 10 or above. I just started this idea and I came in first on my first game and second game. I end up winning more hands and my pot grows quicker. One hand last week I had aces, my apponent had

  6. I fold all hands that have cards that are less than 10. I am getting more straights, boats and high straights. I’m even winning on stupid zinga, when I am religious and strict to my newfound strategy. I fold all starter hands that have high ratio of low cards and play all hands that show much more pro ice.

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