Poker Strategy: 8s 8c flops bottom set

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In this hand our Hero raises the turn with a set for value after getting donk lead into. Unfortunately for him he gets 4 bet all-in. Should he call given the pot odds?

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Poker Strategy: 8s 8c flops bottom set

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: 8s 8c flops bottom set

  1. Not sure if its alright to quote other youtube "coaches" – "you don't make money at poker folding sets" J. Little. Here, you have 22% equity vs a made straight… the flush is irrelevant for that – rec players can have SO many more hands than st8ts… you gotta suck it up and all. IMHO (from a losing player)

  2. Why is Bart saying 33% with 10 outs to call but he’s more like 22% with 10 outs vs a straight? Which is closer to 4.5 to 1 then 3:1?

  3. i wouldn't raise the turn for four reasons: pot control, disguising the strength of your hand, because getting shoved on would suck, and also if you fill up, he'd never have a clue about it and would probably pay off with a straight or if his flush came in.

    no way i'd call that shove because if he does have 2p you have a lot of dirty outs too. i don't see how you can massage the ranges into a call there at all.

  4. KT, T9s: 20 combos, 20% equity

    AQ: 9 combos, 88% eq

    QhJh: 1 combo, 70% eq

    total equity 42%

    But if he also has T9o and not AQ, we get about 24% equity.

    Difficult spot, and why he did not 3bet AA against button open…

  5. "Queen-Jack of hearts was what kept going through my head." Haven't seen the end yet but that's some good hopin' & wishin'! Good call – I liked how caller admitted he was down three buy-ins and was falling into the "They can't always have it, can they?" trap – we all been there.

  6. Can callers please tell us your table image and villains? Please, for the love of Phil!

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