Poker Strategy: AA on a Paired Board

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In this hand we have AA and see a paired board and face an aggressive line. Bart gives some tips on how to get more money in the pot.

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Poker Strategy: AA on a Paired Board

9 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: AA on a Paired Board

  1. It's 1-2, of course he could have a 5. He could turn over 54 suited. 56 suited. 75 suited. 58 suited.

    You act like villain can't have many 5's here, but is it reasonable that he leads into you on the turn with just a queen?

    Honestly I play a ton of 1/2 and I think that most players are losing money with AA/KK/AK. They are simply unwilling to fold these hands. They win small pots when they're good and they lose huge pots when they're behind. I'm not sure I could fold this hand but it's ridiculous to act like hero should be getting his stack in here on the turn without a 2nd thought.

  2. Bart hi
    I have a very interesting hand that involves a turn donk bet.
    Because I live in Greece it is hard to call in my hand.
    Can I email it to you?

  3. There's no phone call in the description, nor the link to your website and what's up with the phone calls? who calls people these days lol

  4. Why should we assume that villain is a good player (limp calls only good hands, not something like 85s, K5s) but we assume he could donk lead the turn with a Q (fishiest play ever) very big?
    In my experience, this line is always a 5 from a decent, not too aggressive player. Only vs LAGs I would consider bluffcatching eventually.

  5. Hero ask, if he could have done anything different. And the answer is yes, raise larger preflop. This cut down on peoples implied odds and thin the field, so that this happen less frequently. Postflop I think, its fine to call down. While Villain will sometimes have a 5, there are not that many combos of suited connectors or 1-gappers with a 5, given that two 5´s are on the table. And his line makes much more sense with QT.

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