Poker Strategy: Aces Up Gets Lead Into

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In this hand we flop middle pair, turn a flushdraw and river aces up. However, we get lead into and have to decided if we can raise for value.

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Poker Strategy: Aces Up Gets Lead Into

8 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Aces Up Gets Lead Into

  1. Grunch
    Easiest call ever…this is actually pretty standard and never get called by worse. Seriously, this happens all the time and is a snap call.

  2. Dont really like the small size on the flop, dont like the turn bet at all, love the river call. As Bert arrived at, either Villain has us beat with AK or QJs, or he has some weird bluff or blocker bet hand, which will not call a raise. Never ever folding two pair to a donk on the river, but no value in raising either against this size. Its different, if Villain had lead for something completely silly like 50$ into the 365.

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