Poker Strategy: Are We Overplaying Pocket Jacks?

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In this hand we make a big squeeze preflop with pocket jacks and get a call from the pre-flop-raiser. We get a good board and start to value bet but should we be worried about overplaying our hand?

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Poker Strategy: Are We Overplaying Pocket Jacks?

9 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Are We Overplaying Pocket Jacks?

  1. Hey Bart, you've turned me into a winning reg at my local casino. Just wanted to say thanks man. <3

  2. I honestly wouldn’t have put him on an overpair but I wouldn’t have squeezed with jacks either

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't a "squeeze" in that spot be a lot bigger, maybe $160+? I mean, you want the whole field to fold, right? That size seems to price in a lot of hands, and if you get one caller you might get several…JJ is so, so, soooo bad multiway, eh?

  4. I like to use a pot size raise to squeeze. I don't subscribe to the new bet sizing on the flop. I check turn. And thank you poker gods shove river

  5. I agree, that Hero overplayed his hand on the flop and turn. However I actually think, the river sizing was ok. If we break Villains range down, he probably does not have KK-AA very often, because he would usually play it more aggressive at some point. So if we look at the hands, Villain can have, which will still call a river shove, I think, its pretty much only TT.

    I certainly dont think, a T will call a river shove, and as Bart say, Villain did not have very many T´s from the preflop action anyway. I even think, QQ will fold to a shove, because what does it beat on the river other than a complete bluff? If you are sitting there as Villain with QQ, you are sort of HOPING, that Hero is overvaluing exactly JJ. So when the J comes on the river, you go "oh love" and get ready to fold. I dont think, he was even hollywooding to be honest.

    I dont even think, Hero missed out on value against TT, because honestly, if you sit there as Villain with second set and face a small river bet, you will always jam it in yourself and hope to get a crying call from AA or KK.

  6. That’s the right bet. If you go all in, he fold, because he can’t beat any premium hand which you represented.

  7. I don't think kings take that line – Queens do it as they are a little scared and want to evaluate on flop as too strong just to muck. Kings are happy they got action but don't want a bunch callers so would be happy to small 4bet. Aces might go for a slow play however with 2 callers potentially behind, I don't think I would be trappy.

    When they called the flop it kind of screams Queens. However I have seen people in that preflop situation flat aces however usually only when it's a big 3bet and good chance at least one fold behind.

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