Poker Strategy: Bottom Set In $10,000 Pot

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In this hand we flop bottom set in a spot where it seems we can never be beat but by the river its hard to think of any hands we are ahead of.

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Poker Strategy: Bottom Set In $10,000 Pot

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Bottom Set In $10,000 Pot

  1. In way he saved $2000, but I have to agree he should have just got it in on turn and closed his eyes. You can't win every hand…i'd guess he was against AsJs most likely…no way was villain folding that.

  2. AJss makes the most sense here. Might be K10ss. But villain will definately call the T with the nuts and redraw sometimes too, right? And even if he does have that hand, you still have equity, so folding is just insane. And I don't see any value in just calling. So it's always a shove on the T, imo. Especially when the SPR is this low.

  3. For crying out load, just get it in on the turn instead of all this mumbling. If he have KT, you still have 10 outs to fill up. This is just terrible, and Hero know it, so why even bother to call and ask?

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