Poker Strategy: Bottom Set On A Monotone Flop

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In this hand we flop bottom set on a monotone flop vs multiple opponents. Should we play our hand fast or proceed with caution.

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Poker Strategy: Bottom Set On A Monotone Flop

7 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Bottom Set On A Monotone Flop

  1. I dont like the raise on the flop. If he saves the planned aggression for the turn he can safely get away from it when the diamond comes without bloating the pot as fishes dont fold, so there is no fold equity on the flop raise.

  2. Lmao I would be dying laughing if someone sat there for like 3-4 minutes scratching their head and then says “I’m all in”

  3. Yea it's the right play in a vacuum. But almost 100% of the time at these stakes, when someone tanks and says "alright, i'm all in," they have the nuts or, at the bare minimum, what they perceive as the nuts.

    So immediately take away middle set and draws from his range. This fishy opponent flopped the nuts or a high flush. So u know you're behind but have the right odds to call and hope to fill up.

    Just make a mental note on the verbal and physical tells on this guy and don't give it too much thought. Reload and move on to the next hand.

  4. Its noteworthy, how many of these calls are 22-44 hitting sets and losing an entire stack. The excuse for playing these hands is implied odds, but there is quite a lot of reverse implied odds associated with them as well. In my opinion many poker players would fare better, if they just folded 22-44 pre in most situations.

  5. 4 combos of sets, you have 5% equity . 16 combos of flushes, you have 30% equity. sets to flushes= 1:4 so flushes are 4x more likely. (30% x 4 ) + (5% x 1)= 125/ (4 +1) = 25% equity against that range.

    if we calculate (5%+30%)/2= 17.5% equity, we are giving our oppoenent an equal number of sets to a equal number of flushes, saying half the time he does this with a set and half the time he does this with a flush. This can only be true if 1 out of the 4 times he 3bet shoves his flush while the 3 other times he just flats in this spot, and if he has middle or top set he always 3bet shoves but thats a terrible way to play, hes losing so much if he 3bet shoves a set everytime on a montone flop and Only 3bet shoves flushes 25% of the time which doesnt make sense he would be 3bet shoving a flush almost always and maybe 1 out of 4 times he is 3bet shoving a set on this board & that would be a generous estimate for 3bet shoving a set. Im going into hypotheticals lol but great vid bart.
    It all makes sense🙌

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