Poker Strategy: Call All-in With An Overpair And Flushdraw?

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In this hand we slowplay KK preflop and flop an overpair. We turn a flushdraw to go along with our hand and have to decided if we should call off to a shove.

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Poker Strategy: Call All-in With An Overpair And Flushdraw?

5 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Call All-in With An Overpair And Flushdraw?

  1. So we end up with the conclusion that there is not one single hand that V can have that makes sense!!!
    Does anyone have a different opinion?

  2. I get not wanting to a slowroll people, as I'll usually fastroll my hand in this type of scenario too. In this spot though in what equates to a big pot by 1-3 standards, where you called a big river shove, I'm waiting for my opponent to table his hand before I roll my hand over. Like I said, I'll usually fastroll nut-ish hands in big pots against most opponents, but I want to see his hand here .

    As for what the opponent had, I think it's very plausible that he hand AA.. Unless he went bonkers with a flat out triple barrel bluff, AA/QQ/AJ is really all he can have here.

  3. Its not the most fun turn card or action, but its exactly to avoid situations like this, that you fastplay a hand like KK. Any 4-bet would be an effective jam given the stack sizes. So I would just go all in preflop. Its a much easier way to play the hand, and also more profitable in the long run.

    The whole idea of not wanting to lose the other players is generally flawed. The goal in poker is to win the maximum amount of money, not to get to showdown with as many hands as possible. If your opponents fold, you win the pot, and thats a great result. Especially when there is already nearly 50 BB in it.

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