Poker Strategy: Can We Fold an Overpair + Straight Draw on the Turn

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CLP subscriber Beatsme calls in what a hand where he flops and overpair and an open ended straight draw with QQ but isn’t sure if he can continue on the turn.

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Poker Strategy:  Can We Fold an Overpair + Straight Draw on the Turn

6 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Can We Fold an Overpair + Straight Draw on the Turn

  1. I thought her bet on the turn almost narrows her to JJ. Guess it's more likely AA/KK. The only hand she could have maybe have had that you still beat was AKh. It's an overly aggressive line when the board pairs but she may have been continuing to remain in control and go after the side pot well also maybe folding out hero's hand which is exactly what happened. I like the fold on the turn cause well some hands don't hurt us we do lose equity in the hand to a flopped set. Our straight backdoor flush draw shrink considerably on the turn. Our straight can no longer crack a set and our runner runner flush is dead while if the villain has AKh is still live on a flush draw. Had the turn come a heart that didn't pair I wonder how our caller reacts to the $300 turn bet? Be interesting to hear feedback from Bart Hanson as well on a heart turn?

  2. nice analysis. i like your work, Bart..from what else I've seen on youtube, i think you are about the best, so i hope you can gain some traction. thanks for keeping it level-headed and i also like the way you branch off and give some tangential thinking beyond just the hand.

  3. When you get 4 bet you're not always beat. You could be 4 bet by AK and be throwing away the best hand and with the money in the middle a significant mistake.

  4. I would rather bet the flop then check/call. I hate these spots because you let the opponent convince you your not good. If you bet the flop and get check/re raised then it's probably easier to fold. Any 8/q/k will help you, but then again the K could also favor her range as well. I'd rather feel it out and cut my losses on the flop. Way more cards brick and help her in that spot i feel. Just me opinion. Thoughts?

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