Poker Strategy: Can We Fold Getting These Pot Odds?

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In this hand we hit a set on the river but there is plenty that beats us. Can we fold this river despite the great price we are getting?

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Poker Strategy: Can We Fold Getting These Pot Odds?

7 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Can We Fold Getting These Pot Odds?

  1. More often than not the small sizing is you being taken to value town but you still call because of the price. Once raised though, you beat nothing

  2. I think, this is a slam donk call. You cant just look at this like "oh there was a bet and a raise and a call on the river". You need to factor in, that the river bet was extremely small, as was the turn bet. I actually think, the guy with AQ thought, he had the best hand and was raising for value. Which is completely reasonable, when both his opponents played this passive.

    As the Hero, I would have bet the river, since the turn bet was so extremely small. I think, Hero has the best hand here a lot of the time, and lot of worse hands can call. It would be a bet-fold obviously, but in this particular spot, its highly unlikely, someone would have raised the river, if Hero came in for a real bet like 3.000 and not just 1.200 into a pot of 5.600.

  3. I'm glad to hear Bart's take on this hand. I'm pretty sure this is a hand that Mr. Bill vlogged about. I'm not over calling in this spot, as played. I'm calling 100% had the hijack folded but I don't think we are going to be good here 1 in 5 times, after the hijack calls in a $1100 tournament.
    Had it been just a daily tournament, I can get behind the call since the field should be weaker, people spazz more, plus the money, buy in, doesn't mean that much. Since this is a higher buy in tournament, I think the play here is to make an exploitable fold.

    I would most likely would have bet/folded in this spot on the river.

  4. easy call for al the reasons Bart gave the 1st bet…. but the XR? I just don't think he is XRing small as a bluff.

  5. Hey Bart…love your commentaries! I am the hero in this hand (Mr Bill Poker).

    You can see my vlog of this hand on my Mr Bill Poker vlog at:
    You can also see a detailed hand analysis of this hand done by my sone and I at:

    It was pretty much as described here, except the guy who won the pot was definitely seen as very passive and not the greatest of players. My reads were pretty much dead on….the first villain was bluffing, the 2nd villain either had Q9 or a set. He just happened to have a very poorly played top set that beat mine!

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