Poker Strategy: Can we Take This Pocket KKs Situation for River Value?

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How thing is too thin when betting for value? Should we concentrate on getting three streets of value sometimes with a one pair hand?

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Poker Strategy: Can we Take This Pocket KKs Situation for River Value?

6 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Can we Take This Pocket KKs Situation for River Value?

  1. Bart, you talk about betting your hand at this level can you explain why you like not betting the flop? Surely there are a ton of worse hands that call. Seems pretty dangerous to risk that it could check around (especially at this level) and you're letting a lot of scary drawing hands get there for free.

  2. So why does hero think BB bet 130 into 255 (into 2 players) on the turn? ("confuses me somewhat"). BB checking river only means he doesn't have nuts and isn't on a 2-barrel bluff. After hero's 4x PFR and turn call, BB could be facing a set or maybe even KTs. By checking he can induce a bluff or a bad value bet by AQ, KQ AA, KK.

  3. thanks Bart for your great content. I stopped learning on a lot of poker channels but not on this one and am glad I found it. Theres also some entertainment, which is important, but you really know how 1/2 2/5 people think and act and bring that into your analysis very well and clearly.

  4. I think, its very close, if overcalling on the flop is even good. And the turn is a pretty clear fold in my opinion, when the BB now lead out into two people. There are so many two pair and straight combinations here, that someone can have, and 4 other people saw the flop, so KK is almost never the best hand. If we get to the river, its a clear check-back. Hero severely overvalued and overplayed his hand.

  5. I thought Villian for sure had J10 of spades or Q10 suited. He played it well on accident lol

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