10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy — Chris Ferguson On Bankroll Management

  1. lucky i didn't keep playing on fulltilt it was perfect, but i was ripped off on a hand not the way others have been ripped off. The software ripped me off, i was playing that speed poker. Lucky i quit when i did. U all getting your money at the end of 2013 so they say

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    Grown people know that they do not always know the way of things, and even if they think they know, they do not know where and how they got the proof.

  4. haha.  This guy is talented but bankroll management is a joke to discuss when you have money coming in from crooked poker sites as he did.

  5. This is a terrible bank roll strategy haha. Jesus has no clue how much variance is in poker. I remember his br challenge he got up to 35k and lost it all th eway down to 10k. You can't follow a br strategy when you can lose so much so fast especially half your br. It would take forever to grind it back up just to get even.

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