Poker Strategy – Evaluating Blockers

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By modern poker standards, blockers are a familiar concept. But using them properly isn’t always as straightforward as it might seem at first glance.

In this week’s video, Uri celebrates his return to form with a simple primer on proper blocker evaluation. By the end of this video, it’s our hope that you’ll not only understand how important blockers can be for your win-rate, but you’ll also have a better feel for what to look for when evaluating your potential bluffs and bluffcatchers. is now LIVE! Come check out Uri Peleg’s groundbreaking new poker strategy course, “Red Line – Philosophy and Practice”, to master your red-line and learn little-known solver-approved techniques for beating even the toughest games. Be sure to also check out our Preflop Solutions, for advanced, up-to-date ranges that are applicable to a wide variety of games. (We accept requests!)

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Poker Strategy – Evaluating Blockers

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